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Michael Day - Director. Radio interview

Michael Day predominantly works with the Team developing the technical design stages of our projects here at TJDA; post planning and through building control and subsequent construction.

Audio transcript

Chris West: This morning we’re talking to Turner Jackson Day Associates, who are high quality and design and very creative company and they have the balance with ensuring the feasibility of a project with clients. My guest today is Michael Day, good morning Michael.

Michael Day: Good morning Chris, how are you?

Chris West: I’m fine thank you. Michael if you could just explain what you do as a Partner in Turner Jackson Day?

Michael Day: Sure, I’m Michael Day, I’m a Director here. I predominantly work with the team, developing the technical design stages of our projects, so that’s post planning and through building control and subsequent construction.

Chris West: Right. What drives you personally and how would you describe your approach to projects?

Michael Day: I think my personal drive comes from the enjoyment of seeing a project develop and the processes involved in that. Having a knowledge and understanding of how and why a building has been designed and subsequently constructed, is quite a fulfilling feeling for me personally and for the team.

Particularly if it’s making a difference to improve the way people enjoy their lives.

In terms of my approach and our approach as a practice, it’s very much focused on the client brief and understanding exactly what they want to achieve.

Sometimes we have strong and clear direction, on where a client wants to take their project and other times, they aren’t sure, but they know they want to add or improve something.

We enjoy undertaking different types of projects with different types of clients, and it’s a fulfilling experience to be a part of their journey.

Michael Day: Our aim is always to help our clients unlock and realise their project ambitions, whatever their plans are.

We always put a strong focus on making sure that the projects we help develop, are done in a way which is practical and financially deliverable for the client.

Chris West: Right. With the volume of projects, you’ve worked on, what have you found to be the biggest functional issues in homes? Because sometimes people think we can get this done, but sometimes its not feasible is it?

Michael Day: I think from a project development perspective, for sure, but also just the way that people at the moment, and the way homes are today, this most common functional issues are usually down to inefficient circulation and layout of spaces, which ultimately compromises the way you use those spaces and means you’re not extracting the full potential of your home.

It’s surprising how much more usable a home is when it’s structured in an efficient way.

It really can improve the way you live – simple things like how you move around and between rooms can make such a difference.

Chris West: And how do you overcome the design issues you face?

Michael Day: I guess it depends on the issue and whether it’s a client looking to improve or change something from the outset or if it’s an issue that has arisen on a project.

The approach will vary, but ultimately, it’s about exploring design solutions and being dynamic about it.

Approaches and solutions to design are not ‘one fits all’, so you can draw on past experiences but I think it’s about keeping an open mind to the options and applying careful consideration really.

Chris West: A lot of the premises you do are bespoke, do you do commercial project as well, and it must be very difficult to overcome the challenges of the functional detailing of a commercial property?

Michael Day: Yes, for sure, I think that on commercial projects., everything that you do is a fine balance between cost and end product.

But that said - good design doesn’t need to be expensive.

It’s about selecting the right design approach and the right products for each individual project.

Challenges often arise on projects and to refer back to a previous point, it’s about exploring design solutions and applying open minded consideration to those.

Chris West: Yes, and obviously you do residential and commercial, if people want to find out more about Turner Jackson Day Associates, where do they go?

Michael Day: Well they can visit our website or they can give us a call and speak to myself or one of my colleagues and we’ll be more than happy to chat through with them what their ambitions are and what their project goals are, and hope to be a part of their journey.

Chris West: Yes, that’s great and it must be very exciting to be at the beginning of the stage with someone like yourselves, to actually create something that one day you may be living in.

Michael Day: That’s it, for sure, you know whether its residential or building extension or a new build for an individual client, or it’s a space that’s usd by the public, you know ultimately our goal is to help improve the way people live their lives, so being part of that process is very rewarding for us and the team.

Chris West: Excellent, well Michael thank you very much for speaking to us today.

That’s Michael day from Turner Jacks Day and if you want more information, go to their website or give them a ring. Have a good day.


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